Most Wanted was born in 2021, from a heart full of love for fashion with a purposeful intent to offer a comprehensive platform that caters to all your accessories needs while empowering small designers to give their products a higher reach.

I am a  Fashionista who love accessories but hate spending time around 10 stores to find what I like. From here, the idea came up to launch a one stop-shop market place for all fashion accessories.

We consider accessories as the ultimate statement that allows you to translate your fabulous Personalities and Moods. With that in mind, MWA is working toward sourcing all types and brands of fashion accessories to cover you from head to toe.
Feeling like Rocking that big colorful necklace when you feel creative? Or trying that pearly fashionista necklace for a date night? Perhaps getting the bold big earrings, because why not?!
Whatever it is, for all personalities and moods out there, we got you all sorted. 
For you, we aim to create a unique and efficient shopping experience. Join our movement now and watch us revolutionize accessories online shopping!