We are as excited as you are to wear your new Most Wanted Accessories and show it off but first let’s learn together how to care for it so it stays like new and lasts you for years and years.

So here is when not to wear:

  • While getting ready — Let hair products, makeup, perfume, and lotion completely dry before you put on your necklace, bracelet, ring or hair accessories.
  • While tanning — Who doesn’t love a great tan? but body oils, creams, sunscreens and direct sunlight can damage your jewelry.
  • While taking a dip — When you head to the pool or the beach, make sure to store your accessories in a safe and dry place.
  • While working out — We all love a good #fitnfashionable selfie, but don't forget to take off everything (besides your clothes, obvs) before you hit the showers.
  • While tidying up — Store properly your pieces when cleaning and doing chores around the house.

Treat your Most Wanted accessories like the treasures they are and they'll shine bright for years to come!